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Welcome to Moore Engineering Services, a full-service engineering firm working with both domestic and international clients. While we offer civil design, construction consulting and testing services, what makes us unique is our focus on walkway and safety auditing. We are possibly the only engineering firm in the United States now offering comprehensive walkway auditing services. Moore Engineering can resolve your pre-accident safety fears and concerns through state-of-the-art testing methods combined with detailed yet easily understood reporting.   We perform walkway audits that protect you and your business from the financial and time-consuming hardships of slip, trip and fall claims. And, with a licensed, professional engineering firm managing your audit, you’ll gain peace of mind and minimize your liability issues. Please visit our walkway auditing section to learn more about the full range of Moore Engineering’s expertise.

If you are a commercial property owner or manager, you know how vigilant your company must be regarding accident litigation. While we strongly advise preventive due diligence through regularly scheduled walkway audits, Moore Engineering can provide expert testimony for lawyers representing clients who experience a slip and fall accident. We also work with architects, engineers and manufacturers who need flooring installation testing assistance.

If your company’s goals are to minimize slip, trip and fall occurrences and reduce the consequences of post-accident insurance claims and workers’ compensation costs, contact us today for a no-cost consultation or walkway audit demonstration. Please call 866-741-3637 or send your inquiry using the form on this page – we encourage you to Test Moore, Slip Less.

What is walkway safety auditing?

It is a process involving inspection and testing of the walking surfaces of a given facility.

  • Review of cleaning processes and materials
  • Interviewing management, cleaning, and maintenance staff
  • Take measurements of current traction level
Why it is important?

Maintaining current walkway safety inspection documentation provides the due diligence in maintaining safe walking surfaces.

  • Minimize slips, trips, and falls by revealing areas of minimal traction
  • Provide recommendations for remediation
  • Provides a level of transparency and liability protection for property owners, managers and insurers
Who benefits?

All levels of your company or organization, including management, employees, and stakeholders. Companies include:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Cruise ships
  • Resorts
  • Flooring manufacturers
  • Office facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Food services
  • And others

"Scott Moore is undoubtedly one of the most serious, honest, and knowledgeable people in the business."

− Larry - Regan Scientific Instruments

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"Moore Engineering provided reliable and accurate 3rd party slip-testing results for our company in a professional manner, at an affordable price. I liked that I could actually speak with at knowledgable slip-testing expert in person, without having to "jump through hoops". "

− Irv - Tennant Company

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− Mr. Kevin

"Moore Engineering Services has provided quality, timely, and truly helpful work at my facility. Working in a cGMP facility inspected by many regulatory bodies (FDA, ISO, etc), their work and the thorough and accurate reporting of the testing completed have been invaluable.

Their on-site personnel are top notch in professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge. Their work has been absolutely priceless to our organization. The on-site personnel up to and including the president of the company are genuinely a pleasure to work with."

− Kristen