Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually correcting flooring failures caused by excessive moisture levels in concrete slabs.

Avoid the headache and worry of moisture related delays and expenses!

Defining relative humidity levels in concrete slabs using in situ probes prior to installation helps to identify potential moisture related problems.  The in situ test method using probes to determine relative humidity in concrete floor slabs outlined in ASTM F2170 is now widely used.  In-situ concrete moisture testing provides an accurate representation of a slab’s moisture condition throughout the slab’s full depth.  The re-usability and verification ability of in situ probes help technicians deliver precise results, in accordance with industry standards.

Concrete Moisture Testing is the method for determining relative humidity in concrete floor slabs using in-situ probes.  In short, holes are drilled into a concrete slab and a sensor placed into each hole for accurate measurement.

Concrete Moisture Testing helps to prevent additional costs and delays of moisture related flooring failures.  More recently, flooring manufacturers are adding moisture testing to their installation requirements and without such testing are now voiding all warranties.

Concrete Moisture Testing is necessary on all floor projects.  Owners, Property Managers, General Contractors, and Architects all stand to benefit from accurate third-party Concrete Moisture Testing performed by Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Test Technicians.

Concrete Moisture Testing should be completed prior to laying your flooring and after the concrete slab has reached service temperature and the ambient room conditions are at service temperature and service relative humidity for at least 48 hours.

Per Industry Standard ASTM F2170, the appropriate amount of tests necessary is 3 tests for the first 1,000 SF and 1 test per each additional 1,000 SF.  Examples:  5,000 SF slab requires 7 tests; 10,000 SF slab requires 12 tests; 20,000 SF slab requires 22 tests.



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