Moore provides full range engineering analysis, testing, and evaluations to support Plaintiff and Defense slip, trip and fall cases with concise expert reports.

Diverse Expertise for Public Safety

A broad and unique range of experience as a licensed civil engineer, snow removal contractor, and specialty paving contractor distinctively qualifies Scott Moore as an expert witness to analyze your case and provide a thorough Forensic analysis.  Considering the unique facts of each case on an individual basis, Mr. Moore is ethically and professionally motivated to apply his knowledge and skills to the advancement and betterment of human welfare in humility and with a need for Divine Guidance.  If our expertise does not cover your specific situation, we unreservedly recommend quality experts more precisely skilled in fitting your need.

Forensic Engineering is an investigation into all components of a personal injury or property damage incident to locate cause(s) of failure to assist in documenting the facts of such an incident.

Moore Engineering Supports its commercial clients with slip, trip and fall avoidance through walkway safety auditing and is uniquely qualified to provide forensic analysis of slips, trips and falls. Scott D. Moore PE is a Professional Engineer, a Qualified Walkway Auditor and an industry leader in slip, trip and fall avoidance and analysis. Some examples of our Expert services are Slip Resistance Testing of Floors, Flooring Defect Analysis, Trip Hazard Analysis, Construction Defects, ADA Compliance, Stairs Ramps and Railings, Snow Pile Placement, Snow and Ice Management Standard of Care, Re-freeze Analysis, and Premises Liability.



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